Seeing through fresh eyes

It’s amazing the things you notice when something happens in your life to make you rethink everything.  I’ve worked with children, in some capacity or other, for over half of my life and only now that it looks like I’m walking away from it for a while am I realising things that I never quite […]

The end of an era

For 12 years, my entire life and soul has been channelled into my work.  Through the hardest times of my life, the one constant I ever had was the world that I could escape into which happened to be my day job.  With the help of one of the most special people in my life, […]

Fighting the noise

When does it become acceptable to let yourself give in to that base instinct of wallowing when things get too much?  We all have our limits, we all have periods of struggle, we all have varying degrees of challenge but what makes people give in to it all at varying speeds?  One thing i’ve found, […]

The musings of a fat girl

Fat is a word that I’m more than comfortable with.  In fact, I am so comfortable with it that I really don’t understand why so many people take offense at it;  It’s just a word!  I can see that if the word is used in a derogatory manner then it can be a horrible thing […]

The cleansing of the soul

People have many ways of cleansing their soul and almost always they are completely different from everyone else’s chosen technique.  Most recently I have discovered just how cleansing writing your feelings down can be.  I have always spoken to friends about the things I was concerned about or questioning in my life but never realised […]

The evolution of friendship or other

One thing I find utterly fascinating is the way that the relationships we have with different people evolve.  It’s inevitable that as time goes on you are likely to change as a person, as is the other in the equation, and because of this it means that the relationship you have has to also evolve […]

My own little ray of sunshine

I am lucky to have so many special people in my life.  People come and go in your life but I’ve been lucky enough to have stumbled upon more keepers than most.  My husband is often telling me that I seem to collect people.  I have a new experience and collect a new friend, regardless […]

Twisting the dark side further

I started talking about this subject yesterday but it ended up turning into something entirely different once I was putting things into words.  It’s strange how thoughts do that!  The thing I’ve noticed most often about getting these thoughts out onto here is that it makes a lot more sense of the silly things that […]

The dark side has a twist

Recently i found myself revisiting a stage of my life, in my mind, while I was blogging it on here.  It’s something that I don’t think of very often but something that has come into conversation quite a few times over the years since.  On here I am quite respectful about things being very anonymous […]