The end of an era

For 12 years, my entire life and soul has been channelled into my work.  Through the hardest times of my life, the one constant I ever had was the world that I could escape into which happened to be my day job.  With the help of one of the most special people in my life, we grew this business continually through our entire time together and made it something of wonder to us both.  We have watched different bureaucracies come and go, changes of boards and the goal posts continually changed, but we battled on to make it the best and strongest it could be.  This love of mine would have to be prised from my dying hands before I walked away from it.  As it turns out, that’s exactly what is happening.

Over the years, the board of trustees has changed frequently but the scarily common theme has always been their belief that we must be stupid if we’re ‘only’ looking after kids.  Never once have they had the slightest understanding of what is involved in the rearing of their children and live under the misapprehension that they’re doing it all themselves.  The people who happen to be employed with us are entirely replaceable, in their opinion, and any bonds created between them and their children are irrelevant.  Madness, sheer madness!

The long and short of it is that we have a chairman who happens to have small man syndrome.  Now, I have never been someone to categorise groups of people or even individuals but this man fits the entirely stereotypical definition of small man syndrome.  He is emasculated at home and requires the power trip to feel like he’s important.  I had the audacity to see through him and stand up for what’s right, and the witch hunt is now on to get rid of me.  Ironically, he’ll only be in power for the next 15 months, but to ruin the strongest work team I’ve ever known purely based on his desire for control is utterly ridiculous.  I am a pawn in his little life game and have lost all motivation to continue doing what I once loved.

Finding the balance between standing up for what’s right, fighting for my beliefs and just admitting defeat to sustain my mental stability is impossible.  I struggle on a daily basis to accept that my baby is being ripped away from me.  It’s been my heart, my life and my soul, so to have it taken from me for no good reason is just crippling.  Legal loop holes and grey areas will always exist in business, it’s obvious, doesn’t mean that it’s right.  I will be taking the opportunity to study and train for better prospects in the future but it’s a scary time, all the same.


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