Bigotry in its purest form

I love wordpress.  It’s the avenue I have to let me explore the facets of my mind that I had no idea existed.  It helps me understand who I am and get out all of the thoughts and feelings I have that day.  There is a dark side to that though.  Where it gives me […]

Your own worst enemy

Negativity is everywhere!  It’s probably the greatest plague of the current day society.  I’d even say that it trumps ignorance, poverty and bigotry purely based on the fact that the worst people I have ever met in my life have been the most negative.  Although I hate them with a passion, there’s a small part […]

Everybody changes

We’re all guilty of waking up one day and realising that the thing you have done every day, no longer seems the right thing to do.  It can be anything: something minuscule, something gigantor, something physical, something emotional or something mental.  Either way, it just suddenly feels wrong.  We all know that we change but […]

A question of sex: the beauty of hands and feet

In direct comparison to my thoughts on oral sex, are there the same issues when hands are being used instead of mouths?  Is everything down to personal preference or are there specific things that would work on everybody?  Obviously that question is gender specific considering the fact that the parts they’re referring to are the […]

My special Mr.V

When i was 14, I had a whole collection of penpals that I obtained from a Rock magazine.  Music was my life then and I was pretty much the only ‘rock chick’ in my year at school, so I required communication with like minded souls who I had no access to in my everyday life. […]

A question of sex: the oral chronicles

I’ve just read a blog entry that was posted on the thought catalogue about how long is too long where blow jobs are concerned.  It was awesome, very well written and made me think A LOT!  I often ponder sex: my experiences, the differences between partners, how people react differently to others and whether your […]

Banana surprise

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged.  I think about it often and I’ve missed the cleansing I feel from it, but I have just been so exhausted that finding the time to put my events into words has just been non-existent.  It’s been really nice to see that even though I’ve not been writing anything […]