Bigotry in its purest form

I love wordpress.  It’s the avenue I have to let me explore the facets of my mind that I had no idea existed.  It helps me understand who I am and get out all of the thoughts and feelings I have that day.  There is a dark side to that though.  Where it gives me an arena to air my thoughts, it also gives it to others whose opinions can make me ill/angry/frustrated/disappointed.  I am subscribed to the thought catalogue and has introduced me to a lot of random stuff that has made me smile or helped me explore myself but today just made me question whether they understand that gives them a certain responsibility.  If they are posting a collection of articles that they have either had written for them specifically or something that they have wanted to share then they should at least consider what is appropriate.

The post in question is basically 21 GIFs of fat people hurting themselves “to make you smile on a friday afternoon”.  Now if this post was 21 random people being hurt for others amusement, with no specific body type/ethnicity/sex/age/obvious religion then I would have seen it as tasteless but acceptable all the same.  Why on earth would it be deemed appropriate to encourage pointing and laughing at the freak in the corner because they’re fat?  What if it was 21 black guys?  21 blind people falling over? 21 old people?  Gay people?  Would that be just as acceptable?  We all know that it wouldn’t be!

Meghan Tonjes has often posted on this topic and she always says it the most beautifully.

This is the most recent posting regarding the common bigotry that is deemed acceptable of fat people and, although slightly off topic, is still very relevant with the point I am trying to make.  I have more respect for this woman than I believed possible and the fact that my husband is so physically attracted to her kinda makes me feel proud.  She is a phenomenal person and has the purest heart and someone I aspire to be, although feel i’m getting closer through time.

I have never been overly sensitive on the ‘fat’ subject, to the point that I never take offense if it’s innocently commented on.  I work with children, they do say the first thing that comes to mind and quite often it’s “you’ve got a really big tummy” or “are you having a baby?” and it’s the other adults around me who’ll look uncomfortably at me or nervous about my reaction.  It always makes me smile and I just calmly explain that i’m just fat, it’s just the way I am.  It’s the one and only time that the kids will do it because they just seem to think ‘oh, fair enough, that’s cool’.  I have previously blogged on my comfort of the word ‘fat’ and the fact that i don’t even mind it when my dad or husband will make a joke because there’s no malice in the joke.  I am more than happy and aware that my husband finds me sexually attractive, my dad has always been supportive about the poor genes that my sister and I ended up with and will give me an honest and pure opinion on how an outfit looks if i’m going out.  I enjoy that.

It’s still my opinion that ridicule of fat people is the one remaining socially acceptable area of bigotry and hope that one day people actually realise how bigoted it is.  Mocking someone for being different or assuming that the way they have turned out has been because of choices instead of circumstances is just mass assumption and that’s never acceptable.  Unless you have lived someone’s life or ‘walked a mile in their moccasins’ then you have no right to make a judgement on what you think their life is.  Add to that the pointing and laughing then realistically you’re just wanting to make yourself feel better by making someone else feel bad.  How can that ever be a good thing?


3 thoughts on “Bigotry in its purest form

  1. Hey, please don’t take this the wrong way. However, I just watched your video and my first impression of you was; “Wow, what a beautiful woman …and look at the colour of her gorgeous eyes…”

    I’m sorry you’ve had a lot of bad experiences surrounding the issues that “people” have around your weight or the weight of “big” people. You know the whole time I watched your video, it never occurred to me that you even looked over weight, until you pointed that out.

    To all those people that talk down at you, exclude you, make you feel inferior, make you feel less than, etc.,etc., f*k them!

    You do not have to prove anything to anyone. Sure, voice your concerns around the things people say and do, around people that are “bigger” than most, your voice is valid, and I applaud you for speaking out and for standing your ground, and telling it how it is, expressing it from the side of you that we all share, the “feeling” side we all have in common when we have been slighted in some form or other.

    Walk with your head up high, know who you are and what you represent, and don’t allow others to inflict their ignorance onto you.

    Who gives a rats a$$ what others think? Your life is your own.

    • Thank you sweetheart but that wasn’t me on the video, that’s Meghan tonjes who has a large YouTube presence. I have had no poor experiences with my body image or with being the size that I am, purely stating the fact that bigotry is bigotry even if it’s just fat baiting. Did you read the text that went along with the video as that kinda explained that a little clearer. I always appreciate your comments though xx

      • Ok. Now I’ve read your post. I had started to read it, at the same time I was listening in on the video and stopped reading. Totally distracted. 😜

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