A question of sex: the debate of size

Size is one of those contentious issues when discussing sex.  It’s something that people take personally, regardless of their gender or the circumstances that it’s discussed.  People often think that the only relevance of size is the male‘s role but 2 pieces fitting together means that both parts have a certain contribution to be made to the size counter.  For once, I don’t even think that I’ll have to subcategorise about anything as it’s all the same debate.

People often say that size doesn’t matter.  That’s bullshit, it does.  If you do happen to be genetically gifted or unfortunate then you have to change your game accordingly and neither situation is anything to be proud or ashamed of, as you had absolutely no say in the matter at any point.  It wasn’t your achievement or failure to have.  Whatever your gender or genetic composition, then the key to everything is the pelvic floor!  The tighter your muscles, the more control you will have during sex, the better it will be for both parties.

I have experienced both tiny and huge parts, and have been able to enjoy both completely.  The best sex I have had, however, happens to have been with the more gifted  or average sized males.  I am lucky, in so far as I have been told by even the smallest male that I have a small opening and am quite ‘tight’.  This may mean that it would be easier in finding enjoyment from even the smallest penis.  I can also understand how some people would wonder if it was in yet.  I had one circumstance like that with someone when, not only was his penis tiny but, he had absolutely no idea how to get the angle right to be able to penetrate with it effectively.  He would bounce up and down (kinda like you would if you were having a spasm on a trampoline!) and act like he was having sex but he was lucky if it was rubbing against my outer lips!  I know I got pretty much no sensation from him whatsoever.  I’ve had someone else with a similarly small dick but we found doggy was the most sensible option for us and had regular sex during our relationship.  This guy couldn’t even manage doggy and I have no idea how that is even possible!

Something that seems to be a common misconception is that people’s perception of a big dick depends entirely on length; this is also not the case!  I have encountered men with quite long dicks but are really narrow, and other guys who have an average length but are thicker than usual.  Each have their own valid advantages and disadvantages and both would be classed as large.  Personally, I would take girth over length but length can also be useful when I want the more forceful type of penetration.

The one thing that seems to be pretty standard with someone who happens to be unfortunately proportioned is that they try to overcompensate with oral.  Don’t get me wrong, someone being enthusiastic, or even just willing, to make you cum using their mouth is something that should be commended but it should never be confused as a replacement for decent penetrative sex.  It’s almost like the state of mind involved is that, since they’re so obviously disappointing anyway, there’s no reason for them to learn how to prolong the act at all.  In my experience, everyone who has happened to have a really small willy happens to also be verging on a hair trigger.  This is no word of exaggeration but anything from a long session of 5 minutes to 5 strokes, if you’re lucky!

Is it the case that all cocks have the same number of nerves, therefore the smaller the member the more sensitive it is?  It would make the most sense, but even trying to get someone with a hair trigger to work on their pelvic floor to try and control it a little better is almost impossible!  That’s not to say that everyone would be unwilling, just the ones that I have encountered, and that there will always be people out there who will want to please as much as they can.  Some people just seem to understand what works and what doesn’t but the ones who don’t naturally understand, seem to write themselves off as if they’ll never understand.  That’s a general thought process that i’d never understand anyway.

None of this is specifically aimed at men, as women are just as guilty of being lazy about their southern maintenance!  Where there is the argument that having children will change your parts, there is also the follow up argument that doing the exercises as often and as quickly as possible can regain a huge proportion of any slackness caused by stretching.  I have had conversations with people who both have and haven’t had children and have found that tightness can be partly genetic, partly the way it’s been treated but overall pelvic floor exercises do nothing but good.  I naturally worked on mine from my teenage years because I didn’t think my vagina, as a whole, looked very attractive so wanted it to at least feel good to anyone experiencing it.  It is something that has stood me in good stead for my entire sexual life and to feel like I have a little bit of control of the sensations was an amazing feeling.  Why anyone would think it was even slightly enjoyable to have a wizard’s sleeve bemuses me.  Would you not think that if you were having very little sensation with anyone smaller than gargantuan that there must be some sort of issue with you?  I have also met those people!

Obviously, everything discussed is my experience and by no means includes everyone, but I would think the number of people that I have discussed or experienced such issues with should make quite a reasonable average of the general populous.  This is also excluding any individual connection that you would have with anyone in question and even average sex can be phenomenal if the connection is right.  I am discussing purely physical sensation and sex as an enjoyable physical experience.  Either way, nobody should be lazy about sex and that’s regardless of size, it’s just that size can help if you do actually want to do your best with it!


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