Theme tunes for your life

Whether you realise it or not, there are songs that have very specific meanings in your world.  These songs are specific to you but only ever really become noticeable when they are connected to someone else.  This entry will be the theme tunes specific to my world.  I think it says a lot about someone, the music that they connect to themselves.  Everyone realises they have songs that remind them of certain people or times in their lives but do we have our own personal theme tune?  Is it one for every mood that you have?  Either way, I’m going to share a few that remind me of things and explain them.  If anything, it’ll be a good reminder for me to look back on the things that sparked my imagination in 2013 🙂

I will have to say, however, there are songs that I want to put on here where the youtube video is awful but it’s the only decent copy of the relevant song that I can find.  For that I truly apologise but don’t want the song missed out!

Let’s start with what I would generally class as the theme tune of my life:

This family is the epitome of how cool I wish my family to be, while sharing exactly how I feel about my happy place.  This is one of those videos where I genuinely chose this exact version of the song along with the video.

Times that I’ve shared with my Dad and my hometown (including a mural with my grandad in the picture)  would be connected to this song:

I looked after one of the singer’s children for a few years and they are truly a lovely family.  This has become the trademark song for the football (Soccer to my American friends) team that I was raised following because of the geographical location of their home ground.  I grew up seeing the scenery in this video, every single day.  That’s a pretty big deal really.

Best Friend 3:

No, this is not for the cheesy sentiment, or the total power ballad that it is but purely for the many, many nights we have found ourselves in stomach cramps laughing at the Ken Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee version that I have annoyingly sung to her when this video has come on in the background.  (see below)

Best Friend 1

The obsession that she had with this band (well, lead singer), during the days of hormones and angst, will forever be emblazoned into my memory and bring a smile to my face every time I hear it.

My Sandman

This is the prime example of a shitty video to go with a song that I refused to leave out!  What National Geographic pictures have to do with either the song subject or even lilt of the song baffles me but needed to be included, all the same.  If you listen to what the song is saying, it’s pretty much the story of our lives lol.

Ex Husband

You can feel the anger still attached to that one, just by sentiment.  I need say no more!


For no reason of song content or any kind of anger, it’s just what reminds us of each other for some strange reason.  Purely for the reason that I’ve just noticed both husband have the same band attached to them, I have to put the bonus song in that  would have been our first dance had we got married in this country.  As it stands, we never had a first dance, we had picked it though.

There are important people in my life who have no theme tune at this point in time, and others who have too many songs to narrow it down to one specific one to remind me of them.  It looks particularly harsh on Best Friend 2 but her tastes have become so diverse over the years that pinning her down to one song is impossible.  Realistically, there is one specific track that reminds me of her but what it could say about her is unfair as it’s a memory, not specific to the sentiment of the song!

The next bank of tracks are purely things that affect or plague me for a variety of random reasons

Current 2 happy songs:

purely for how amazing this dude’s band is!

purely because NKOTB got hot and they’re bigging up the fat chicks!

My sad songs:

this is for when i’m teary eyed

this is for when i’m in a big ol’ black pit of nothingness.  I have very obvious issues!


I’ve just realised I could spend all day linking videos to people and moods that I have but this is a good indication of the person I am, the people I have in my life and how our relationships reflect.


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