Unknown dimensions

Ever since I’ve been exploring things with The Doctor, I have continually been surprised at myself and my ability to dominate in an effective manner.  From being physically ill at the prospect of what I thought domination was, to learning that it’s something that’s instinctively inside of me.  There are elements of it that I […]

Twisting the dark side further

I started talking about this subject yesterday but it ended up turning into something entirely different once I was putting things into words.  It’s strange how thoughts do that!  The thing I’ve noticed most often about getting these thoughts out onto here is that it makes a lot more sense of the silly things that […]

Exploring the darker side

One thing that I never understood about having been in a hugely controlling situation was the eventual requirement to make sense of power through your own kind of control.  People all do that in many different ways but I happened to stumble into a time of physical exploration of power.  It was never anything that […]