A question of sex: the beauty of hands and feet

In direct comparison to my thoughts on oral sex, are there the same issues when hands are being used instead of mouths?  Is everything down to personal preference or are there specific things that would work on everybody?  Obviously that question is gender specific considering the fact that the parts they’re referring to are the […]

Pointless taboos

I just got a text from my husband.  This man is 41 years old and still seems to be incapable of using the word ‘sex’.  How can this be possible?  It got me thinking about how many people in our society who have issues talking or even thinking about everyday things.  Take masturbation, for example, […]

The dark side has a twist

Recently i found myself revisiting a stage of my life, in my mind, while I was blogging it on here.  It’s something that I don’t think of very often but something that has come into conversation quite a few times over the years since.  On here I am quite respectful about things being very anonymous […]