Seeing through fresh eyes

It’s amazing the things you notice when something happens in your life to make you rethink everything.  I’ve worked with children, in some capacity or other, for over half of my life and only now that it looks like I’m walking away from it for a while am I realising things that I never quite […]

Unattainable dreams and aspirations

From the youngest age, in fact I don’t remember a time when this wasn’t the case, my one and only real dream was to be a mother.  I think my own mother was so into babies and other people’s children that my natural empathy with her would have always made it so that it would […]

Becoming the great invisible force

After my last post, it has got me thinking about the journey I went on which turned me into the great invisible force for the first time.  I grew up with a very emotionally insecure mother who seemed to require my positivity to determine her mood for the day.  If I was having a bad […]