Assumptions made by damaged minds

A couple of weeks ago I commented on a blog post from someone that I follow who was discussing the misinterpretation of people’s perceptions of the Robin Thicke track, blurred lines.  My positive comment regarding my agreement with the blogger’s opinion was based on my own perception of the video and song alone, without the […]

The fear of change

There appear to be 2 different types of personalities: people who embrace change and others who fear it.  I pretty consistently fall into the latter category.  I’m a creature of habit that likes to have things as predictable as physically possible.  Being able to read people helps me with that but there will always be […]

Exploring the darker side

One thing that I never understood about having been in a hugely controlling situation was the eventual requirement to make sense of power through your own kind of control.  People all do that in many different ways but I happened to stumble into a time of physical exploration of power.  It was never anything that […]

Socialising with your fingers

I enjoy talking with people online and it probably stems from my days as a teenager where I had a little collection of pen pals.  In reality, it’s the same kind of situation, you just don’t have to wait for a couple of days to get a response (most of the time!).  The beauty of […]

Becoming the great invisible force

After my last post, it has got me thinking about the journey I went on which turned me into the great invisible force for the first time.  I grew up with a very emotionally insecure mother who seemed to require my positivity to determine her mood for the day.  If I was having a bad […]