The great misuse of sexuality and gender

Recently on Big Brother there has been an housemate who labels herself as “Polyamorous”.  I have absolutely no issues with someone labelling themselves as Polyamorous, as long as they fully understand what they are labelling themselves as.  The fact that she refers to it as “polyamorousy” rather than polyamory shows just how ignorant she is […]

Assumptions made by damaged minds

A couple of weeks ago I commented on a blog post from someone that I follow who was discussing the misinterpretation of people’s perceptions of the Robin Thicke track, blurred lines.  My positive comment regarding my agreement with the blogger’s opinion was based on my own perception of the video and song alone, without the […]

A question of sex: the debate of size

Size is one of those contentious issues when discussing sex.  It’s something that people take personally, regardless of their gender or the circumstances that it’s discussed.  People often think that the only relevance of size is the male‘s role but 2 pieces fitting together means that both parts have a certain contribution to be made […]

Bigotry in its purest form

I love wordpress.  It’s the avenue I have to let me explore the facets of my mind that I had no idea existed.  It helps me understand who I am and get out all of the thoughts and feelings I have that day.  There is a dark side to that though.  Where it gives me […]

Your own worst enemy

Negativity is everywhere!  It’s probably the greatest plague of the current day society.  I’d even say that it trumps ignorance, poverty and bigotry purely based on the fact that the worst people I have ever met in my life have been the most negative.  Although I hate them with a passion, there’s a small part […]

The musings of a fat girl

Fat is a word that I’m more than comfortable with.  In fact, I am so comfortable with it that I really don’t understand why so many people take offense at it;  It’s just a word!  I can see that if the word is used in a derogatory manner then it can be a horrible thing […]